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Hinoliva is a family company dedicated to the production, packaging and marketing of its high quality olive oil from Cordoba , Spain. Hinoliva specializes  in exporting the world famous Holiblanca Olive Oil all over the world , be it in bulk or bottled. Whilst maintaining the Andalusian tradition and culture Hinoliva also employs the latest cutting edge technology and boasts a team of highly qualified professionals.

Hinoliva achieves the rigorous standards demanded by the industry with its strict quality control throughout the whole production process whether in the choice of product, packaging or the marketing and distribution.

Hinoliva offers a wide range of products from Virgin Extra to simple Olive Oil to fulfil our desire to satisfy the most expert and demanding of consumers.

For these reasons we believe Hinoliva is qualified to react and respond to dynamic market conditions basing its company mission on excellent service, quality control and customer satisfaction

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