Extra Virgin

Is the highest quality and most expensive Olive Oil classification. It has no defects and a flavour of fresh olives. In chemical terms it is described as having free acidity and expressed as oleic acid of not more than 0.8g per 110g. It must be produced entirely by mechanical means withoutthe use of any solvents and under tempretures that will not degrade the oil. In order to qualify as \” Extra Virgin\” the oil must pass an official chemical test in a laboratory. In essence this is pure Olive juice in its finest form.



Is pure olive oil that has slight defects and imperfections. It has a free acidity of  not more than 2g per 100g.

Refined Olive Oil

Is obtained from virgin Olive Oils by refining methods that do not lead to alterations in the  initial glyceridic structure. It has a free acidity of no more than 0.3g per 100g.

Olive Oil

Is a blend of refined oil and Virgin Olive Oils. It has a free acidity of no more than 1g per 100g.

Pomace Oil

Is the  oil derived from the blend of refined  olive pomace and Virgin Olive oils. It has a free acidity of no more than 1g per 100g.

Among the different types of olive oils, extra virgin olive oil and pure olive oil are the richest in vitamin E (antioxidant action) and fitosterols (substances that help reduce cholesterol levels in blood). All olive oils are noteworthy due to their high content of monounsatured fat, especially oleic acid.